Latrobe Valley and Wilson’s Prom

Latrobe Valley and Wilson’s Prom

It was a beautiful day and I’d booked a Piper Warrior (TAK) to take my wife and two girls down Latrobe Valley in Victoria to head south, fly around Wilson’s Promontory and then back up the coast to Moorabbin airport.

With four people in a Warrior my first challenge was getting an honest answer from each of the passengers about their weight. Being young, my girls were light enough that all four of us could go.....thank goodness as I didn’t want to choose who was going to be staying home!

We headed the five minutes down the road to Moorabbin Flying Services and while I checked out the plane I made sure that everyone visited the bathroom as it was going to be about a two and half hour flight.

Tango, Alpha, Kilo is a fantastic plane with a full glass cockpit. I found that the glass took a little while to get used to but once you did it’s really hard to go back to flying older planes. Also, being a newer aircraft the controls were really tight. I’d learnt how to fly on 30 year old planes where you could move the yoke around quite freely and still be flying straight. TAK was the reverse and it became an absolute pleasure the fly with just slight corrections with the tip of your fingers.

I couldn’t have wished for a better day. There wasn’t a breath of wind (to my passengers relief) and other than a few puffs of white cloud it was blue from horizon to horizon.

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